What We Will Achieve Together

September 14th, 2011

Saving Animals During Disasters offers the following services to help rescue efforts and to provide for abused, neglected and homeless animals. All of these services could not be achieved without invaluable volunteer support and donations.

• Disaster Trailer – Run Disaster Transport Network –
Through your generosity we have created a state of the art mobile care unit which enables animal advocates to provide the very best care in disaster situations. Our trailer transports vital supplies (such as medicine, bedding and food) to safe-centers set up for animal rescue.

• Children’s Education Program –
We visit schools to talk about animal care and safety.

• Spay / Neuter Clinic –
We operate a spay/neuter clinic for cats in our local area.

• Community Awareness Billboard –
We use this billboard to help make the community aware of important issues.

• Thrift Store –
Coming soon in Spring 2012!