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For Hurricane Florence
We are very active with large rescues around the area. Boats and Trailers and are helping but we are still having a problem getting to many animals and people. What we need now is cash donations first because this is going to be a long drawn out affair. If you are in the Wilmington area we are in desperate need of dog food, puppy food, cat and kitten food, crates, and towels or sheets and any cleaning supplies. As of Thursday you will be able to drop donations off at the salty paws thrift store which is in monkey junction 5202 Carolina Beach Road from 11am – 5pm across from the Walmart Garden Center. Cash Donations can be made to saving animals through our PayPal account or mailed to the address on the website.

205 Georgia Ave
Carolina Beach NC 28428

We are in desperate need and appreciate anything that you can send. Thank You!




Saving Animals During Disasters is a non-profit organization based out of Carolina Beach, North Carolina which provides disaster aid locally as well as to other disaster stricken areas in the southeastern United States.  Saving Animals During Disasters was started the day after Hurricane Katrina hit in August 2005.  The haunting horror and devastation pictured in the news showed the fear and desperation of the animals affected.  Animal lovers from across the country came together, and thousands of volunteers worked in Louisiana to bring hope and resilience to a suffering animal population.  There were some happy endings but others were not.  It was out of this effort that Saving Animals During Disasters was born, with a primary mission of providing essential care to animals during emergency situations–whether natural disasters or the manmade kind.  What are manmade disasters?  A puppy mill where animals suffer greatly for the sake of man’s greed; dogfights where animals are used as bait or combatants for the purpose of entertainment or gambling; a batch of 19 puppies only days old thrown into a public park to be mauled or killed during the night because they were unwanted (only eight survived).  These are the things that break our hearts but also strengthen our resolve to do all we possibly can for these helpless creatures.

Our trailer, pictured above, transports vital supplies of medicine, bedding, food, etc… to safe-centers set up for animal rescue. Additionally, the trailer can be used for housing sick animals, housing worker-volunteers and transporting animals to safety in climate controlled comfort. When the trailer is not being used for emergencies, it is made available to other animal groups for fund raising and educating the public about the situations of disaster animals.

In effort to reach out to all animals in need, Saving Animals During Disasters works with other animal organizations to help eliminate some of their overhead and stress. Through the generosity of businesses and individuals, we are able to help many rescue organizations.  Money is constantly flowing out to help with food, medical needs, etc. when a special needs situation arises.  We bring in approximately 40 tons of free pet food and treats per year and distribute it all to the groups which are most in need.  Budgetary cuts at state and local levels have drastically affected animal shelters and rescue groups everywhere.  Several thousand dollars per year are put into spaying and neutering of animals that would normally fall between the cracks (which would definitely increase the unwanted pet population).  There is no way to count how many dog houses, crates and bedding, medical supplies, etc. are collected throughout the the year and sent on to animals in need.

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